Monday, August 3, 2015

Jacinda's Creative Writing

            The Creature of the Night
The darkness of the night falls on the land. I’m terrified. I hear a scream of fright. I start running for my life.The deafening roar like thunder starts to fade. Finally silence fills the sky.The only sound to be heard is the hoot of the owl and the wind blowing through my hair. I can finally relax and go to sleep.The beautiful sun shines in my eyes and wakes me up but the good moment doesn't last for long.The eyes of my enemy appear in the bushes. I hear another scream in the distance. I think to myself, what have I done ...?   
Nā Jacinda

'The Creature of the Night' is a wonderful example of Learn Create Share. Jacinda is learning to create a mood using a variety of sentences. Jacinda created her piece of writing on her chromebook and will share it on the class blog. Jacinda is very proud of her work!

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  1. What a talented young lady in my totally unbiased opinion. It is wonderful to see your depth of writing continue to develop Jacinda, and no doubt opportunities such as this to share your work will continue to motivate and inspire you even further (a very proud dad)


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