Wednesday, May 25, 2016


On Monday, Mark (Outreach facilitator) took us through a SAMR workshop. We worked through a variety of tasks from substitution to redefinition activities. There is nothing wrong with substitution, however, the more opportunities learners have to be engaged in transformational activities (modification & redefinition), the greater likelihood we will develop engaged motivated learners, resulting in positive learning outcomes.

A writing example:
Substitution - using a Googledoc  (new technology replaces old technology).
Augmentation - technology is still a substitute but provides more functionality. Ability to share your doc and save to the cloud and be able to access from anywhere is an increase in functionality.
Modification - technology is used to redesign parts of the task and transform learning. Students are able to collaborate on one doc and use the comments feature for feedback.
Redefinition - design and create new task once unimaginable. The technology enables us to connect to a classroom in another country and use the chat and comments section to discuss their work in real time and greater depth.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Spark Foundation Visit

On Friday 13 April, Lynne Le Gros from the Spark Foundation (GM), Paul Deavoll (Spark South Island Manager), and Bronwyn Hayward (University of Canterbury) visited Hornby Primary School. The Spark Foundation support the Manaiakalani Outreach Programme.
Ruma Toru welcomed our visitors with a mihi from Ricci and then performed a waiata. The children then shared their learning with Lynne, Paul and Bronwyn.
We enjoyed sharing our learning and showing our appreciation to the Spark Foundation and hope they will return again soon.