Monday, August 24, 2015

Growth Mindset

Recently I read an article, Watch What's Working: Carol Dweck Talks Growth Mindset (edutopia, September 19, 2014). Link
Schools that help their students succeed, send them that explicit messages:
  • "Your intelligence is something that can and will develop, with effort, good strategies, and support from this school
  • You have a purpose ...
  • You belong here ...
  • We, as your teachers, will set high standards for you, and we will give you what you need to succeed."
Our challenge as teachers, leaders and educators, is to install a growth mindset in all of our students so they are able to reach their full potential. 
Dweck poses a question; "What is the most effective way to increase students' ownership of the work they do in your class ...?"
I believe the direction we are taking at HPS with Learn Create Share, supported by digital technology, has the capacity to  'grow' growth mindsets in all of our learners.

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