Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Benefits of Technology and Learn Create Share

Last Thursday I commented on Hayden's blog. He had written an article on the BMX World Champs in Belgium using a chromebook. Hayden chose to do this research and writing during 'free writing time' where children could choose their topic. Hayden inserted some photos and wrote a short description for each.
I commented on his blog that evening and posed a question for him - do you know where Belgium is? The next morning Hayden found me before the 8.55am bell and explained precisely where Belgium was!
I asked Hayden why he preferred using the chromebook for writing, here are his responses

  • I don't need to use a pencil
  • If I have trouble with spelling, autocorrect helps me
  • I can use backspace if I make a mistake
  • I can insert photos into my work
You can checkout Hayden's work on the link below

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