Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Community Engagement

We had a wonderful meeting on Saturday 7 April with our Filipino community. Brent, our board chair welcomed everyone followed by introductions.

The purpose of the meeting was to
  • connect school and families
  • connect families with families
  • get an indication of what families wanted for their children, what they valued and what determined success for their children
  • answer questions or queries
Parent feedback
  • want children to have a good attitude towards learning (lifelong learner)
  • develop the skills and attitudes to enable children to learn what they want (view themselves as learners)
A big thank you to Barb (AP) and Kate (DP) who gave up their Saturday morning to attend and provide much appreciated support. The parents were very positive about the meeting and would like to meet once a term.

A morning of learning, creating new knowledge and the opportunity for lots of sharing!


  1. It was great to meet up with such committed people eager for their children to do well in our school, and also eager to preserve their culture.
    Look forward to our next meeting

  2. I thought it was a really worthwhile having this meeting and having the opportunity to get everyone together. It was really great to hear what this group of parents valued. From a classroom teacher's perspective it has reminded me to re-look at how we let parents know about home learning as this is something that was mentioned by some of these parents. In Term 2, I believe we may need to make home learning a little more formal. Will be great to meet again next term.


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