Tuesday, August 11, 2015


A fundamental aspect of Learn Create Share is that children are able to share their work with a worldwide audience. The ability to be able to share work is crucial as this provides authenticity; there is a purpose to this activity and learning. When children are able to see the purpose of the learning, they become motivated and engaged, essential elements for learning.
Digital technology and Google Apps provide a wonderful platform for children to share their work and also receive feedback. Today a Year 5 boy told me he had responded to my comment I made on his post on Friday. The boy had a big smile on his face and was happy that someone had responded to his post and recognised the good work he was doing.
Blogger provides children with the platform to share their learning with others. Check out the following links below and see what is happening in Hornby classrooms.
Ako Ngatahi
Ruma Toru
Ruma Wha
Potu o'aoaga

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