Thursday, May 9, 2019

The Digital Inclusion Blueprint

On Friday 3 May The Hon Dr Megan Woods launched the Blueprint at Hornby Primary School.

Defining what it means to be digitally included
"A digitally included person is someone who has access to affordable and accessible digital devices and services at a time and place convenient to them, as well as the motivation, skills, and trust to use the internet to pursue and realise meaningful economic outcomes." (Digital Inclusion Research Group, 2017).

Hornby Primary School was privileged to host this event. I believe this was acknowledgement for the wonderful work Uru Mānuka has been doing in this digital/pedagogical space over the past 4.5 years, and we must also acknowledge the wonderful support of the Manaiakalani Education Trust (MET) and The Manaiakalani Programme (TMP) which has enabled us to get to where we are now.

TMP encapsulates the statement above defining what it means to be digitally included, our Uru Mānuka students and whanau:

  • have access to affordable digital devices
  • benefit from a proven pedagogical framework, including Cybersmart curriculum
  • are empowered and display high levels of motivation and engagement
We have not reached The Holy Grail yet, but we are most certainly on the right bus!

Pat Snedden (MET Chair) was MC for the launch, once again recognition for Manaiakalani and TMP. As usual, Pat delivered a motivating compelling case for digital inclusion and left the Minister in no doubts that our tamariki were expecting big things from this commitment, and especially expected to see the Blueprint supported with plent of money - pūtea!

 I must congratulate Rūma Toru who welcomed our guests onto school grounds with a beautiful waiata.
Four of our pupils shared their learning with the Minister after the ceremony.


  1. This was a great occasion and the kids were just so clever. The school can be very proud of the way it hosted the Minister.

  2. Gary
    Ka mau te wehi!!! We carry a very clear understanding of the moral imperative... thanks for hosting this event. As you say, recognition of not only the importance of what we are doing, but the progress we are making.

  3. We are delighted that your school and cluster were chosen to launch this significant announcement for the tamariki and whānau of our country. A well deserved recognition for the energy, passion and commitment of your team as we have partnered together since 2015. And how apt that Pat was asked to MC the event.

  4. Very impressive Mr Roberts. The ‘Holy Grail” – lofty goals for sure. Impressive page and digital story of learning partnerships and collaborative practices. Fantastic progress on a valuable learning journey.


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