Monday, July 10, 2017

NEXT Foundation Hui

On Wednesday 5 July Pat Snedden (Manaiakalani Chair) invited me to present with him at the NEXT Foundation Hui. NEXT Foundation are a significant contributor to the Manaiakalani Trust.
Manaiakalani were one of 6 education groups present on the day along with environmental groups. Each group had 6 minutes to talk about the single most important thing your organisation does, how NEXT can help us in the future and share something about our story.

In the afternoon were were addressed by some inspiring speakers:
  • Fee McLeod - The Mind Lab by Unitec
  • James Mansell - Noos
  • Leith Comer - Ngā Pūmanawa e Waru
  • Chris Liddell - NEXT and advisor to President Trump

Leith Comer shared his universal thoughts on leadership
1. build on what's good - realising Maori potential.
2. get the right people inside the tent.
3. surround yourself with motivated, determined and resourceful people.
4. encourage innovation and initiative.
5. know when to 'ease the springs'. No person or organisation can operate at peak level continuously, good leadership is knowing when to 'ease the springs'.

Chris Liddell discussed 3 main themes regarding leadership
1. be willing to participate - he believes everyone should do public service at some stage in their lives.
2. be willing to dream and affect transformational change. Incremental change is ok, but it won't be enough, it needs to be transormational.
3. be prepared to make a difference and execute accurately. It's about a Lasting Difference.

On the Thursday,  Pat, Dorothy and Russell asked me to accompany them to the PWC building for their presentation to the NEXT board for the next round of funding. Another wonderful experience being surrounded with passionate people wanting to make a difference to the environment and education.

The themes discussed over the two days aligned with Manaiakalani; innovation, transformation, participation, making a difference and the moral imperative. A truly inspiring two days! I felt empowered and more certain than ever that Learn Create Share and the affordances of digital technology is the vehicle that will accelerate student achievement and enable our learners to be confident connected citizens and in order to reach their full potential.

A great example of Learn Create Share experienced by a 'big person'. I did plenty of learning and creating new knowledge and connections, and heaps of sharing! And will continue to share in order to make a difference!!