Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Otaki Convenors' Meeting

On Thursday 16 May Convenors met in Ōtaki and were hosted by the Te Reanga Ipurangi Ōtaki Education Trust. We had a warm greeting from Rachel and Jim (trustees) and it was interesting to see the great work the Trust is doing to support the local community

  • Trust established under the mana of Ngāti Raukawa to serve the Ōtaki community - the Trust also sponsor the Central Pulse netball team.
  • promote and lift educational achievement.
  • contribute to the survival and prosperity of Māori as Māori.
  • promote educational development of all people.
  • promote the learning infrastructure for kura, schools and home learning.
I was impressed with Rachel's passion for the local community, and the infrastructure and opportunities the Trust is providing for all learners.

Takeaways from the day

  • this kaupapa is about sharing PLD across schools and clusters. No one is telling us to do this, we have all agreed this is what we want to do.
  • Blogger is the best platform for teaching Cybersmart. It enables us to engage outside of the community, for example, Summer Learning Journey. It enables children to make connections in a supported way and teach Digital Citizenship.

Data Collection

  • important to include all children in data set. 
  • we can advocate for them if we know who they are.
  • once we have the evidence, we can advocate for these children ... difficult to do this if we only have anecdotal evidence. It requires visibility.

Junior Data
Why PM and not Ready to Read
  • no one has figured out how to use Ready to Rewad consistently.
  • PM is a better assessment tool - greater consistency.
  • Why do we gather Junior data? Important to know if we are making a difference and we want to share good practice.

Board Forums
Russell also discussed the value of engaging our boards and holding board forums once a term. Some suggestions
  • Get NZSTA to run a session
  • Ministry of Education
  • Other social agences; Police, OT, CDHB, ...

Another valuable opportunity to connect, collaborate and problem solve!

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  1. Another positive and constructive meeting and great to see the trust is supporting the local community.
    Our board is willing and open to be part of the forums.
    Keep up the great work!

    Regards Brent


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