Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Learning Community

Yesterday we hosted the Uru Mānuka Outreach e-asTTle writing moderation. All seven schools sent representatives - 16 in total, a great turnout! In total, 117 scripts were moderated with less variation in marking than the previous year - this is progress! As a cluster we are developing a more consistent understanding of the curriculum levels and the asTTle writing rubic. This gives us greater certainty around our marking and overall judgements regarding student achievement.

The day also provided a wonderful opportunity for networking and getting to know our fellow cluster colleagues - and a chance to have a nice morning tea!

A couple of areas for future focus were identified during the day
1. punctuation
2. structure and language
These two areas were more challenging when it came to seeking agreement on a score. However, this can be turned into a positive as this will provide us with direction for 2018 in terms of professional learning support.

A big thanks to Kate Mclachlan for organising the day and a wonderful example of a learning community working together to improve teaching and learning practices for our learners in Uru Mānuka!