Monday, June 26, 2017

Woolf Fisher Feedback - Uru Mānuka Cluster Data

Today Aaron and Cynthia (Woolf Fisher Research Centre - WFRC) shared our 2016 and Term 1 2017 (3 time-point analysis) data with Uru Mānuka Principals in the morning then teachers after school.

We had 25 teachers from five of our cluster schools attend the 3.30pm session. We also had Dave Winter the Manaiakalani Outreach Delivery Manager join us throughout the day. A great session linking data to practice and engaging in rigorous discussion around accelerating student achievement - thank you Aaron and Cynthia!

e-asTTle Writing

3 time-point analysis T1 & T4 2016, and T1 2017
  • all year levels, ethnicities and both genders made more than norm gains
  • this is very positive - Learn Create Share and the affordances of digital technology is having a positive impact on student achievement
2 time-point analysis T4 2016 to T1 2017
Summer Learning Effect (SLE) 
  • significant SLE at every level except transition to Yr 10 - dropoff in achievement levels over summer holidays
Writing Overall

  • writing is a significant achievement issue
  • boys made more progress over one full year than girls but achieved lower mean scores and suffered a larger SLE
  • Maori students achieving well compared to NZE students and suffered less from a SLE in writing
  • decile difference in achievement levels and in gains

  • SLE is significant - what can we do to get parents on-board?
  • what does Term 4 reporting look like? Might this explain some of the SLE?
  • are there any handy hints/strategies that could be added to our end of year reporting?
  • testing protocols - are we preparing students for testing, do we explain the importance of the testing?