Friday, February 8, 2019

Summer Learning Journey (SLJ) Winner

Talisa participated in the SLJ over December 2018 and January 2019. Last year Talisa was in Year 4.

Today Talisa was presented with first prize for the Top Uru Mānuka Blogger by Emma the SLJ Coordinator.

Amongst other goodies, Talisa received an Acer Chromebook which she is absolutely thrilled with as she did not have her own device!

Talisa had thought about quitting the programme but her mother encouraged her to keep going, she said you don't want people calling you a quitter!

Talisa said the SLJ taught her lots of things, for example;
1. the dangers of river and water pollution
2. peserverance, "Keep going, you might achieve something very good."

Well Talisa, you certainly did achieve something very good!

A special thank you to the Wright Foundation, Next Foundation and Manaiakalani Education Trust for supplying the wonderful prizes. And thank you Emma for supporting our children throughout the programme!

                                                                     Emma & Talisa


  1. Wonderful wonderful effort and outcome... Talisa 'stayed on the bus'
    Thanks for sharing the story

  2. Talisa sets such a brilliant example for all of us and I feel proud to be part of a school and team that supports learning through blogging in and out of school.

  3. Well done Talisa. Now you have your own Chromebook too! Faufaua!

  4. Thank you Gary and all the senior school teachers for all of your support in this years Summer Learning Journey!
    I am so proud of Talisa and all the students from Hornby Primary who participated in the programme this year, they were a pleasure to work with :)

  5. We were lucky to have you supporting us Emma - thank you!

  6. Awesome work Talisa, you used all your Hornby Primary Values to win a great prize, and a big thank you to the team that made it possible.

  7. Congrats Talisa, You have a new chromebook!
    Make sure to look after your chromebook. Laki oe.


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