Monday, September 21, 2015

Learn Create Share In Action

The second Health Leaders' Forum was held 15 September at the Hornby High School Auditorium with 8 schools attending. We are very fortunate to be part of the Health Promotion in Schools Programme which is ably led by Richard Wisnesky. Richard meets with our group each Thursday afternoon and works on health related topics that our leaders then share with the rest of the school.

Our display included things that we do to promote well-being at Hornby, for example; Kiwican, winter sports tournament, Olympia Gym programme for juniors, class fitness programmes and our school values - LEARN.
The group then presented their information and knowledge in text and graphics form on a cardboard display, and they also created a slideshow in Google slides - CREATE.
The display was then shared in a cafe forum with all schools getting a set time to spend at each display. Our children worked in pairs sharing their presentation with each school. The slide presentation can be found at Ruma Toru- SHARE.

I then asked the children what they learned from this experience? 
"To speak clearly and confidently, now I can just get up and speak in front of people without even worrying about it.”
“I have learned to read the ingredients and nutritional information on the back of packets.”
"How to organise our presentation and plans by working together."
“If you listen to others you can get things out of it – for example, one of the schools is now using our electronic mihi idea that we shared at the last forum.”
Hornby Display

Jaleel and Chelsea performing karakia before morning tea

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