Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Key Competencies

Last week I attended the Ministerial Cross Sector Forum at the Hagley Pavillion. Professor Gary Hawke was one of the speakers and something he said struck a cord with me. The key competencies should be the starting point for teaching and learning, we should weave our teaching and learning through the key competencies. At Hornby, our characteristics (key competencies) of communicating, participating, critical thinking and resilience, underpin our school curriculum.
The key competencies are firmly embedded in our approach to Learn Create Share.
The New Zealand Curriculum Key Competencies:

  • thinking
  • using language, symbols and texts
  • managing self
  • relating to others
  • participating and contributing

1 comment:

  1. I really like your thinking around Key Competencies, it makes so much sense from a real world perspective. Literacy and numeracy might be important in the workforce however if you cannot think, manage yourself, relate to others etc then the literacy and numeracy skills are redundant if you are unemployable.


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