Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Accessing Digital Devices for Families & Whānau

A great day for the Uru Mānuka Cluster and Education Trust today! We received our first shipment of 90 chromebooks from the Noel Leeming Group (NLG). Parents ordered the Acer C732 chromebook through the Uru Mānuka Education Trust, thanks to the Manaiakalani Education Trust (MET) who have a business deal with NLG.

A big thank you to:
Mark Maddren (Te Ara Tūhura Eduction Programme Leader)
Kelsey Morgan (Uru Mānuka Education Programme Leader)
Fraser Allen (Fusion Networks)
John Becker (Hornby caretaker)

These people worked through the day enrolling each device into various schools' domains ready for learning next week.

To get to this stage involved lots of people collaborating and cooperating,  phones calls, emails and txt messages. This was a wonderful example of people and organisations coming together to overcome the digital divide in our communities. Therefore, we must acknowledge the following also;

  • Uru Mānuka Trust and dedicated trustees
  • Dave Winter - Manaiakalani Operations Manager
  • Jenny Oxley - Manaiakalani General Manager
  • Pat Snedden - Manaiakalani Chair
  • Fusion Networks
  • Noel Leeming Group
Today's experience has provided valuable learnings for us as we develop and refine our procedures and systems around device procurement.


  1. Gary
    You are right.. a significant step forward in what has become a battle against inequity. Don't wait for the system to change, change what you do.. for the kids you work with you are the system. Trying to remember where I read that wisdom.
    Ka mau te wehi

  2. A big thanks to the team, our children will be using their devices today.

  3. Awesome to see this coming together for you.

  4. Thanks for all your time and efforts team


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