Sunday, July 17, 2016

Student Voice

In Week 9 Term 2 we held Learning Conferences. In most cases, the senior children led these meetings and shared their goals/learning with their parents/whanau. Using Google slides, children created a presentation and shared it with their parents.
In the example below, Zayd has provided links from his blog, modelling book and blog comments to demonstrate mastery towards his writing goals.
This is a wonderful example of Learn Create Share, rewindable learning and the affordances of digital technology. Zayd is able to rewind his learning and share it with his mum. This process empowers learners and strengthens agency - the power to act! This is my learning and I am in control.
I would like to acknowledge the wonderful work of Ako Ngatahi teachers Kate Mclachlan and Simon Scott, and our Manaiakalani facilitator Mark Maddren who are transforming teaching and learning at Hornby Primary School!

Zayd's blog

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