Saturday, February 29, 2020

Sense Making and Professional Learning Groups

Our first Woolf Fisher sense making session  of the year at Hornby Primary last week. A great turnout of principals and leaders of learning analysing student achievement data and problem solving. A big thank you to Selena and Naomi for their wonderful facilitation!

This year our Uru Mānuka Cluster will have a relentless focus on reading ... teaching and learning practice that accelerates student progress and achievement.

High leverage practices (HLPs), as identified by by Woolf Fisher, provide the foci for our Teaching as Inquiries (TAIs) this year.
Teachers from our 7 schools have opted into one of 4 Professional Learning Groups (PLGs) based on the foci below. We have aligned our foci with Woolf Fisher classroom observations to provide us with an insight into our teaching practice.

This week we had our first cluster PLG with groups splitting off into their particular areas of interest. There was robust discussion and valuable connections established across the cluster. I am confident our relentless focus on reading will result in improved student outcomes and a better understanding of the high leverage practices that enable this to happen.


  1. Hi Gary!
    I really enjoyed our PLG. It was interesting to hear from the teachers at the high school and connect on shared perspectives.
    Kind regards,
    Miss D

  2. Kia ora,
    Thanks for sharing!
    I am excited to learn more about the HLP's as we continue our journey this year.
    The opportunity to connect the cluster through Reading Inquiries should result in some great thinking and planning collaboratively! It is awesome to look at how the Topics we have chosen as a cluster link to the HLP's too!
    - Kelsey


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