Thursday, March 22, 2018

Education Programme Leader Feedback

This morning Kelsey (Education Programme Leader - EPL) and I met up to reflect on Term 1 and her role as EPL. Kelsey is employed by the Uru Mānuka Education Trust to support our digital 1:1 teachers and teachers new to Learn Create Share.
We discussed the following

  • Learn Create Share - how to implement in the classroom
  • digital immersion - device use/purpose
  • whānau/community engagement
  • blogging/Google+ (staff & students)
  • our pupils are "doing an awesome job of sharing" their learning through blogs
Kelsey is booked in for a slot at our next board meeting where she can connect and share her role with our trustees.
Kelsey is doing a great job supporting teaching and learning, not only at Hornby Primary, but across the Uru Mānuka Cluster. Thank you Kelsey!!


  1. Hey Gary,
    It was great to meet with you this morning and go over the above points! I am really excited about the opportunity to come and speak to the board and look forward to meeting them.
    The positive attitudes from the teachers and students make my job easy! Uru Mānuka is such a great place to be!
    Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the great and committed work Kelsey your doing a great job!


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