Sunday, October 29, 2017

WFRC Manaiakalani Outreach Wānanga Presentation

All eight Uru Mānuka Outreach Cluster Principals attended the Manaiakalani Outreach Convenors meeting at Pt England School on Thursday 26 October - a great effort! To have all our principals there on the day was fantastic and demonstrates everyone's commitment to Learn Create Share and the affordances of digital technology-  a very proud Convenor indeed!

Rebecca, Aaron, Selena and Cynthia from Woolf Fisher Research Centre (WFRC) presented our cluster data which included; classroom observation data, and teacher, student and parent questionnaire data. We had the opportunity as a cluster to investigate the data and identify patterns and trends that could inform our strategic planning for 2018. The information provided was invaluable as it enables us to link evidence to teacher practice.

Two possible cluster focus areas for 2018 identified:

1. Teaching foci - increase the amount of time spent on teaching strategy and critical thinking.

2. Feedback type - more descriptive and generative.

These foci may provide the basis for our cluster Teaching as Inquiry (TAIs) investigations in 2018. Cluster TAIs and the sharing of outcomes will develop greater consistency and coherence in our teaching practice and hopefully continue to accelerate student achievement across Uru Mānuka.

Another wonderful day with like-minded colleagues dedicated to making a difference to our learners lives. A special thank you to Russell and his team for hosting us, the WFRC team for their indepth analyses, Dorothy for her presentation, the Manaiakalani CoL presentations, and lastly but not least, Pat Snedden (MET Chair) for his ongoing support that makes all of this possible!

The Team


  1. As the journey continues it gets more exciting. It was a privilige to be part of the Manaiakalani Outreach Convenors meeting. As you say the information provided was invaluable as it enables us to link evidence to teacher practice.
    Another focus for the leaders is to ensure this is sustanable in to the future, no matter who the leader of our school's are.

  2. Talofa Hornby Principal. It's a great thing to have all the team present at such hui. Looks like you a useful time reflecting with and thinking about what lies ahead for your team of schools and their principals. Looking forward to seeing your plans around strategy, critical thinking and types of feedback in action in 2018. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great to see the collaborative aspect and its affordances illustrated in your narrative. The joy in being part of this collective is the sharing of what we are learning and never feeling you are wrong. How do you create the kaupapa that allows true collaboration?

  4. Kia ora Anne. Thanks for your comments. A really good question! True collaboration is not easy and you are not the only person who has asked me this. From my experience, it takes time. We have nearly completed our 3 year Manaiakalani Outreach support and it has taken up until now for us to have 100% buy-in from all our cluster principals. We have kept our focus on accelerating student achievement and I have led by example spreading the good word. The other thing I have continued to preach is this is 'business as usual'. It is not an extra, it is what we do on a daily basis, it is teaching and learning - some of my colleagues took some time to grasp this! Cheers Gary


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