Friday, February 24, 2017

Visible Teaching and Learning

Sky is in Year 3 and started at Hornby Primary at the beginning of the term. Sky is in a digital 1:1 (chromebook) Yr3-4class. For most children, this is the first time they have used a chromebook.

Yesterday she shared her Google slide Mini Country Study on the Phillipines with me. I left a comment and she replied soon after. My initial reaction was - how cool is this! Not so much the wonderful presentation she had done, but that she had responded to a comment on her work.

These are the things that were going around in my head at the time

  • Learn Create Share, not only for Sky but myself. I learned what the Filipino name for pork was and how to say 'thank you'
  • Sky was sharing her knowledge with an authentic audience
  • Sky has created something no one else has ever done
  • Empowerment for the learner
  • Strengthened our relationship - she had a big smile on her face when I went to her room this morning
  • This type of interaction would not have happened in an analogue classroom

This is fantastic - Learn Create Share and the affordances of digital technology is the best thing since sliced bread!! What a great way to end the week and head into the weekend!


  1. Gary
    Thanks for sharing. Perhaps the most profound comment you've made is that this wouldn't have happened in an analogue classroom. While I am not a fan of the SAMR model, it does offer a useful mental model of the application of digital tools to learning, and this example surely sits right there in the Redefinition stage.
    Nga mihi

  2. Lovely blog story Gary. With digital interactions such as these our own lives and understanding are enhanced and enriched as much as our pupils. The power of the digital world was demonstrated to me again today when I was chatting to a Year 9 lad at sports today and tonight I was able to email him a photo of him steering a boat on the Marlborough Sounds during our Yr8 camp last year. Proof positive that technology can enhance connections and relationships.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Great reflection Gary, sharing to learn is so powerful and really demonstrates that Learn Create Share is not a linear process. The engagement with Sky by your comment and the authentic writing created is magic.

  4. Thanks for sharing Gary. It is great to see how powerful digital technologies are in providing different opportunities for relationship building. Like you said, it is awesome that Sky had an authentic audience and she was so happy that you had taken time to leave her a comment. Huge admiration of you making this very important effort to connect with your learners - great role modelling of the Learn, Create, Share pedagogy.
    Ngā mihi nui

  5. I reflected as I read on how significant this is that a young child can build a warm relationship with her principal through the empowerment/ enablement of technology. This will influence her positively for life. Then Jon's note about a Yr9 enhanced the train of thought as teens have been noted for less than than warm relationships with adults :) It is great to see the connected community aspect being recognised and encouraged.


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