Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sharing for Learning

Today's staff meeting with  Mark Maddren (Outreach facilitator) focused on Sharing for Learning. Mark created a Hornby Cluster Slide Slam for us to record our ideas on.

How do you share your professional learning?
  • personal blog
  • formal and informal conversations with colleagues
  • appraisal process
How do we role model learning as teachers?
  • lead my example - I am a lifelong learner like anyone else
  • demonstrate you are not afraid to make mistakes
  • thinking out loud
What do we want our learners to share?
  • the learning process
  • successes
  • next learning steps
  • thoughts and ideas that demonstrate critical thinking
  • whatever gives them a 'voice' and creates a sense of empowerment/agency
Rachel Williams shares her research and findings on the power of blogging. Rachel ran a digital blogging programme for children to stay involved in reading and writing over the Christmas holiday. This was an attempt to avoid the 'slump' in reading and writing over the holiday break. The writing scores were significantly higher than the previous years for children who participated in the blogging programme. Check out Rachel's video below.

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