Wednesday, May 25, 2016


On Monday, Mark (Outreach facilitator) took us through a SAMR workshop. We worked through a variety of tasks from substitution to redefinition activities. There is nothing wrong with substitution, however, the more opportunities learners have to be engaged in transformational activities (modification & redefinition), the greater likelihood we will develop engaged motivated learners, resulting in positive learning outcomes.

A writing example:
Substitution - using a Googledoc  (new technology replaces old technology).
Augmentation - technology is still a substitute but provides more functionality. Ability to share your doc and save to the cloud and be able to access from anywhere is an increase in functionality.
Modification - technology is used to redesign parts of the task and transform learning. Students are able to collaborate on one doc and use the comments feature for feedback.
Redefinition - design and create new task once unimaginable. The technology enables us to connect to a classroom in another country and use the chat and comments section to discuss their work in real time and greater depth.

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