Friday, April 1, 2016

Manaiakalani Outreach Programme Convenors' Meeting

The Hornby Cluster is one of the 5 clusters working with the Manaiakalani Outreach Programme, the other four are; West Coast, two in Auckland and one in Kaikohe. On Thursday we had our Convenors' meeting at Mandy's wonderful Grey Main School in Greymouth. Russell Burt, principal at Pt England in Auckland, leads the Convenors.

The meetings provide a great platform to discuss a variety of issues; chromebook rollouts, kawa of care, parental education, professional development, technical issues, and other things that may arise. We are very fortunate to have Russell leading us as he has been through all of the trials and tribulations we are currently experiencing. The good news is that most of our issues are solvable!

Our next step at Hornby is to provide parent education opportunities so they have a deeper understanding of how the chromebook supports their child's learning, and how they are able to access and be engaged in the learning.

The troops from left to right; Raina, Brenda, Mandy, Gary, Russell and Lee.

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