Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Accessible Learning is Rewindable

On Monday afternoon Mark (MOP Facilitator) ran a staff meeting on Rewindable Learning - see Link
Rewindable Learning:
  • technology enables teachers to make learning rewindable for all children.
  • supports children who learn more slowly, who need more time exploring messages, who are absent or who forget.
  • makes the 'smartest' learner the child who knows how to access teaching and learning, not the child who is on the teacher's 'wavelength'.
Examples of rewindable learning might look like
  • instructions recorded on an iPad - children can go back and check
  • video instructions using 'Show Me' or 'Explain Everything'
  • picture of a maths strategy
Today I spoke with Shontelle and Wiremu in Ruma Toru, our senior bilingual class. I asked them how their chromebook supported their learning. Shontelle made a great comment about accessing last year's work - she was talking about rewindable learning. Up until then, I had not considered work from previous years. We then discussed how digital technology made this possible as it would be unlikely children would go back to books from previous years to rewind their learning. Thank you Shontelle for this thought - tumeke!

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