Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sight Sound Motion

Last week I attended Ruma Toru's Mangamaunu Marae stay in Kaikoura. On Wednesday we walked the Ohau Waterfall Walk Track to where the seal pups learn to swim in a fresh water pool while their mothers are out in the ocean hunting for food - Link
This was a wonderful authentic learning experience for the children who had done some earlier work on whales. Children where capturing images of the seals playing and swimming on their iPads, cameras and phones. What struck me at the time was this was an wonderful example of Sight Sound Motion which is an important aspect of Learn Create Share. Children were able to record (photos and video) what was happening in front of them and then use this when they return to school the following week.
All children were engaged and motivated which is the foundation for all learning. I look forward to viewing the children's learning on the class blog soon -


  1. Hi Isaac. Thank you for your comment. Can you tell me something about yourself; what school do you go to and what year are you in? Our senior classes are commenting on other schools' blogs also at the moment.


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